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Paint Smocks For School Or Play

With school starting right around the corner, and “pre school” and day care all year long, I found a perfect tutorial for making painting smocks.  You might even be able to recycle an old vinyl table cloth (I have two of them here that desperately need recycling and 3 1/2 year old quadruplet grandbabies that need the smocks!), or pick up an inexpensive one at a dollar store.  Tweedle-Thumbs blogspot has the perfect Craft Smock Tutorial – very easy instructions and a great idea for covering up the clothes while working on painting and other messy projects.

For those of you with children or grandchildren getting ready for school, this would be a quick and easy project to whip up just in time for school!

If you’re looking for other items to reuse your old clothing garments to remake into children’s outfits (help cut down on clothing expenses for school), check out Make A Child’s Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes website and book and see how quickly you can make a bunch of new children’s clothes.

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One Response to “Paint Smocks For School Or Play”

  1. Catherine Berg says:

    I have been searching the refashion wardrobe sites and came across one designer in nj I think who made fabric out of plastic bags and used crayons for fabric to make a very chic designed raincoat. You can make ponchos on calico- my two children did a calico sheet with a townscape towards the end of preschool and after I took them into see tall buildings for the first time in our city.Then yuo may be able to bond a plastic sheet or contact over the top or on the bottom too. This makes great placemats with starch to stiffen. you can make a circle skirt into a tree skirt and put staps of braid or strips made from fabric scraps as straps or a cuff or anklets bonded between wash away stabilizer – this makes your own fabric when stitched warp and weft on a sewing machine by gm . The op shops of my suburbs here are a god send to parents for books toys videos cds and just about evrything can be recycled at least once. There is a Useful book here if yuo email me I can see if there is a second hand on available locally to send. Maybe there is a muppets one similar near where yuo are or Sesame street.Good Luck Catherine.

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