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Need Maternity Clothes That Fit??

From the number of requests for our Pattern Making for Maternity Wear and Converting Store Bought Patterns into Maternity Styles classes, I’d say this must be “I’m gonna be a mommy” season!!

Of course the Pattern Making for Maternity Wear class tells you how to take your own measurements and use those measurements to make patterns for all types of styles, including slacks, shorts, dresses, blouses, skirts etc.  For those of you who can’t get anything in the world to fit, this class would be perfect for you.

For those of you who have a sewing room full of regular clothing patterns that you regularly use and know how they look would probably be most interested in our Converting Store Bought Patterns into Maternity Styles.  Here we show you how to take those patterns you use all the time and change them to become maternity style patterns.  Think about it — no hunting for maternity patterns, no altering of new maternity patterns — just follow the easy instructions and remake your current pattern stash into maternity styles.

And for all of you jeans lovers who can’t bear to part with the jeans for dressy slacks or lightweight cotton slacks, just look at this super cool Maternity Jeans Tutorial — or as Lobolita puts it “How to butcher a pair of Levis”.  This is very creative and a great way to convert a pair or two of your existing jeans into maternity jeans.

maternity jeans tut 022

Anyway you look at it – make your own maternity patterns, convert your pattern stash into maternity styles or chop off your jeans and make maternity jeans — we have you covered!  And congratulations to all of the new mommys to be!

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