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4 Reasons You Need a Blog For Your Business

1.  Increase Traffic

Search engines love blogs because they provide lots of fresh, keyword rich content.  If your business maintains a regularly updated blog with topics of interest to your target market, your website will rank higher in the search engines when potential customers search for your services and products, which will greatly increase traffic to your site.

2.  Build Customer Loyalty

Blogs offer a way for your customers to keep up with you via email or RSS subscriptions and the more your customers know about you the more loyal they become.  Provide solutions to real problems in your blog and your customers will want to subscribe.  Feature some of your best customers on your blog and you may turn them into raving fans.

3.  Build Your Reputation

Potential customers can’t visit your shop or office online, but they like to do business with people that they know.  Blogs are a cheap and easy way to let your customers know who you are.  Talk about your business’ mission, what you’re trying to accomplish, discuss problems your products and services can solve, and share success stories from your customers.  These steps will all help to build your online reputation and increase your brand image.

4.  Improve Communications

Blogs offer a unique way to keep a dialogue with your customers, unlike typical one-way marketing messages.  Keeping the lines of communication open with a blog allows you the flexibility to communicate with both existing and potential customers, while promoting your business.  This gives you the opportunity to give and receive feeback in an open manner that fosters a positive image of your business.

A couple of years ago many people didn’t even know what a blog was, now their popularity has exploded because they are free or cheap to setup and easy to maintain.  Don’t overlook this low cost method of marketing your business online!

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