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Why Insert Flyers In Your Mailings?

If you are not already including flyers and informational material about your website / blog / additional products with packages you are sending out, we consider that as sending a “naked” package.

Flyers and informational sheets are very inexpensive to have printed (or you can make your own and simply print them out on your printer as needed).  The flyers are a very non confrontational advertising medium that your customer can read at their leisure, then either save it for use later, act on something they like, or simply discard it.  However, if you have NOT included the advertising sheets, you already know you won’t be getting any additional orders from those customers.  In other words, you have nothing to lose but a few pennies, and everything to gain by including advertising flyers with every order.

In addition to having inserts in every package you mail, we also suggest that you make 2″ x 4″ labels that also contain your advertising information, such as the following:

These “mini-flyers” can be done on labels, as just mentioned and added to the front of every package you mail, placing it right beside the address label.

The “mini-flyers” can also be made out of regular paper and cut to the proper shape, then included in every bill that you pay.  Those people who sit and open mail all day at phone companies, power companies, credit card companies, etc, must get very bored, so I’m certain that when YOUR mini-flyer pops out with your payment check, the person opening the mail will read it, and most likely will pass it around to the others in the room.  WOW!  How about some free advertising — and guess what!  All those people are sitting right next to a computer, so what do you think the next step is —— head to your website / blog to check it out!!

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