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Forums As A Marketing Tool

There are many ways you can get your name / blog / website out to the public — you can do article writing about certain aspects of your business or product.  You can do posts on other blogs.  However, I believe the method that is the most fun, as well as getting your name out to the general public is by visiting forums.

There are hundreds of forums on every subject and topic known to man, therefore you will need to search for forums that are within your niche, and those you’d be interested in contributing to.

Because we are a sewing group here, you would look for specific sewing and/or crafting forums, such as or Sewing Forum,  or SewForum, or any number of different ones. 

The first thing you do is register with the specific forum (s) you’d like to become part of.  Part of the registration is to give yourself a “name” that is associated with your comments.  While I’ve seen all sorts of cutsy names such as  “flowergirl”,  “sewingwonder”,  “happy to quilt”, etc I firmly maintain that IF you want people to come to recognize you and/or your blog / website / etsy store, you need to put your REAL name.  I use Sarah J Doyle as my name on every forum I’m a part of, because I want people to recognize MY name and associate me with my site, my site etc. 

There is normally a place where you can introduce yourself and make a profile for yourself where you will list the information you want the public to know about you, and once again, be sure to give credit to your blog / website / etsy store.

Once you’re in as a member, do some reading of posts in the categories you’re most interested in.  You can make comments, add your own post, and some will allow you to tell about your latest projects and perhaps even link to them.  The forums do vary a little, so you’ll want to be sure to read what their  requirements and restrictions are so you’ll be able to “follow the rules” of each forum.

Forums are a great way to make new friends in your niche, get some questions answered that you may have on various subjects, and you can help others as well.  We all know a little about a lot of things and a lot about a few things, and forums are a great place to pass along some information you may have, help others, and be able to get word out about what you have to offer on your sites as well.

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