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Repurposing Garments To Sell

For those of us in the sewing and crafting business, anytime we can come up with new and different ideas for things to make and sell is always a bonus.  You never know what you might have hanging in your customer waiting area will be the next big “hit” for your customers.

Sometimes finding deals at stores, Good Will and/or flea markets and using those garments to “remake” into other things is what I love to do.  Here are a couple of ideas for you to check out — they might be your next best selling items!

A peasant blouse from a man’s shirt!  This is really awesome – not hard to do with the tutorial provided by MyMamaMadeIt blogspot.  I think I might just make a couple for my pre-teen neighbor’s daughter.  This should be a very good test of the idea.  Personally I think it looks great.

Then you can always do some of the Men’s t-shirts into women’s casualtops as we’ve shown you before.  Anyway you look at it, using inexpensive Good Will shirts, cheap t-shirts, etc into other items for women and children is always a good thing —- and possible money makers as well.

I’m all in favor of repurposing garments to add to my customer waiting area for others to see and buy!

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