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How Important Is Your Headline?

Just how important is the headling of your sales material, your blog post, your website?  Considering how much stuff you’ll be covering within the body of the sales flyer or the website page, and the fact that you have to consider key words as part of your sales literature and reading material for the customers, it is very easy just to “throw together” a title of sorts and concentrate on the body of the page.

WRONG ATTITUDE!  Do you know that the experts say that when a customer lands on your page or post, it takes 8 seconds or less for them to decide if they want to read further or move on to something else.  EIGHT SECONDS — how much can they read in 8 seconds?  The ONLY thing they’ll be reading is your headline.

Your headine must reach out and GRAB the attention of the potential customer. 

Yes, you must have a good (great) product or informational item for them.  Yes, you need to have a site that is well designed and easy to navigate.  Yes, you need to do all you can with key words to get yourself placed as high in the search engine rankings as possible.  However, after all the hard work is done, and your headline leaves a lot to be desired, you might still be wondering where the visitors are and why you’re not making any money.

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about possible headlines – write up half a dozen or so different headlines that you could use.  Check out the keywords you have within the headline.  Be sure you are focusing your headline on “benefits” to the reader, or how your information could present a “solution” to a problem or situation.  Some of the best “grabbing” words are “how to”, “discover”, “how” — see if you can include those or similar words into your heading.

Check out the headlines that you’ve made by testing them.  You could test one of what you consider the best headlines by using it for a few weeks, then “tweak” it a little and run the same body with the new headline and see what the difference is.

The purpose of any headline is to get the visitor to STOP, read, get excited enough to want to read further, and you can then watch the sales grow.

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