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Do You Have a Barnburner New Product, Craft Or Sewing Item?

Every once in awhile during the process of making crafts, doing a sewing project or actually needing something besides the normal things we have on hand, an “Aha!” moment occurs!  An easier way to do something.  A new product or design to help make the sewing or crafting process a little easier.  Or the best thing of all, is an idea for a new product or pattern that will make life so much easier.

While thinking about this title, I realized that over the past few years, my partner and daughter, Denise and I have actually had a few of those “Aha!” moments.  We call it “having two brain cells rub together at the same time”.

Her On The Go Diaper Changing Station pattern was one of those “Aha!” ideas.  It just wasn’t always convenient to lug around the full blown diaper bag, especially on short trips, so the diaper changing station turned out to be the best idea ever.

On The Go Diaper Changing Station Pattern

At another time, when our older grandchildren were coming on weekends etc, we thought we really needed a little corner for the kids to play and have fun.  Another “Aha!” moment —- the portable playhouse idea was born!  We’ve had 2 or 3 different designs set up in the living room at the same time, and the kids LOVED playing in their own “fort” or “barn” or “circus tent”, or whichever designs we had set up at the time.

Childrens Portable Playhouse Pattern

Actually, a lot of the patterns at Patterns2Go are included in those “Aha” moments, and we’ve followed through to making them into patterns for others to enjoy.

Do YOU have patterns, products or craft items that you’ve made, but don’t really know how to get the word out to people?  Do you have a little website with your new purses, bags, kids toys, quilts, etc and now you’re just waiting for somebody to “find” you?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get word out about your product or craft item is to let a popular blog, such as our, do a write up about your pattern or product.  With hundreds and thousands of viewers on our pages, you could be getting a “ton” of traffic to your site.  If you’d like for us to do a review of your site, your product or pattern simply send the information to and we’ll be happy to consider it for inclusion on our blog.

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