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REAL Oilcloth Tablecloth

When was the last time you saw, or used, a real oilcloth tablecloth?  The kind that your Mom and Grandma used to use.  Those things used to clean up like a charm — nothing like the paper kind we get now, or try to use  cotton table cloths that get so stained they are beyond use.

Well, check this out!

created at: 2009-07-03

AND, the great news is that you can make your own using whatever fabric you want, although the old kind like Grandma used to have were made out of cotton duck, canvas or linen.  I’m thinking that you could make some for every Holiday — put them out to sell and make a fortune!!

ModHomeEcTeacher has a fantastic tutorial on how to make the real oilcloth table cloths.

It’s been YEARS since I had an oilcloth tablecloth, and I’m here to tell you — this is gonna be my next project.  I can already see myself giving them as gifts for family members, friends, etc.  Thank you soooooooo much, ModHomeEcTeacher!

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