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BabyCenter releases the “21st Century Mom Report”

A new research study by BabyCenter, LLC reveals that tech savvy moms have increased their usage of social media since 2006 by 462%, and their usage of cell phones to go online has gone up 348%.

Major trends identified by the report show that moms today are comfortable with technology, they are increasingly eco-friendly, and that this transformational stage of life has a major impact on a woman’s purchasing behavior for the remainder of her life.  For example, of moms surveyed, 85% said their purchasing habits were changed after having a baby, 73% said it affected the criteria they use to make purchase decisions, and 62% said it had affected the brands they buy.

After entering motherhood, women tend to focus on quality, safety and price, where they once tended to shop based on features, service and design.

Other insights provided by the report are that once a woman becomes a mom, marketers have at least three fewer hours a day to engage with her.  This has been a major catalyst for online community building since the Internet easily serves her communication and media needs on demand no matter the time of day.

Chairman and President of BabyCenter, Tina Sharkey, says “to successfully reach today’s mom you need to fully understand how she lives her life.”  If moms in any way make up a part of your target market, you should read BabyCenter’s “21st Century Mom Report” so that you can get your marketing message through most effectively.

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