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Start A Business In THIS Economy???

This could be the BEST economy in which to start a HOME business!

Think about it – if your hours have been cut or you’ve completely lost your job because of a business closing or downsizing of the business, your personal talents and hobbies could help make a home business very profitable!

The July 4, 2009 issue of the Green Bay Press Gazette has an article entitled “Repair shops see boom in business”.  The article talks about a lady, Dorothy Lindenbeck, owner of Dorothy’s Custom Sewing and Alterations, whose business is benefiting from the bad economy.  According to the article, “in tough times, some people find the best place to look for new clothes is in the back of their closets”.   This then means that some of those garments might need an alteration or repair or be updated somewhat – at a much cheaper price than buying something new.  Ms Lindenbeck’s business has seen sales climb, and in fact is looking at a record year for income and profit.

Do YOU have a sewing machine and enjoy sewing?  You, then, are all set to start a sewing and alteration business, right from the comfort of your home.  You could perhaps check out the book “Profitable Clothing Alteration Business”,  to get the low down on how to get your first customers, how to get fr*ee advertising and how you can begin making extra money immediately.  By working out of your own garage or spare bedroom, you literally have NO additional expense while setting up the business – everything is at your fingertips, and you’re ready to get the word out and customers in!

Additionally, another area to explore for making extra money with next to nothing for start up costs is sewing machine repair.  In a previous SewingBusiness post we talked about how the “Sewing machine repair business stands the test of time“.  It is amazing that the first thing people think about when cutting expenses is “bring out my sewing machine” and start sewing again.  The actual truth is that their sewing machine has probably been setting in a closet, in the attic or in the spare room for many years, and now needs a tune up and cleaning in order for them to get back into the sewing habit and start sewing for themselves and their families again.  My husband, Reuben, sewing machine repairman for over 30 years and author of “Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” agrees totally with all mention of the repair business growing as the economy shrinks.  He’s been through several of the “downturns” of the economy, and it never failed — “as money got tighter, my business grew by leaps and bounds” as people started stretching their own dollars by renewing their sewing and alteration skills and needing repair on the sewing machines. 

The final analysis is that yes, THIS economy is the perfect economy for starting your own home repair business. 

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