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5 Reasons You Should Have a Website

Many sewing businesses are local in nature, serving a specific geographic area.  Most owners of these smaller-scale businesses never think of having their own websites, but here are a few of the many reasons a website could help your business.

Reason #1:
It sets your business apart.

You probably already know one or two (or even more) sewing businesses in your area, right?  All of them, even those based out of their homes, are competing for the same customers.

A website is a great way to set yourself apart from the local competition, and if you have a sign in the front of your store or home, all you need to do is add your website address to start getting traffic.

But what can you do with a website, right?  You can:

  • Sell your products or take orders.

  • Let people know about you and your business.

  • Answer frequently asked questions.

  • Explain how to care for your products.

  • Offer promotions and discounts.

  • Conduct seasonal events, contests, and promotions.

  • Display seasonal products and inventory.
The list is endless, but the main thing is having a convenient way to find out more about your business.  Most people start their searches for products online.  It’s important to take advantage of that fact.

Reason #2:
It positions you as the area expert.

Perception is reality, and in small areas especially, a web presence can be a very distinguishing factor between you and the competition.  The business that seems most successful will often be the business that acquires the most customers.

Reason #3:
It’s relatively inexpensive.

Online marketing can be the most cost-effective means of getting the word out about your business.  In comparison to things like yellow page ads and local radio and television commercials, a website can be very inexpensive.

Reason #4:
It’s a great networking tool.

When you put your local business online, other area businesses will notice, and that’s a perfect way to start building your local network.  A big portion of your business can come from incoming referrals, and you can get the added benefit of joint marketing efforts.

Reason #5:
It can reduce mailing costs.

Do you send expensive promotional pieces by mail?  If so, your website can serve as a place to post new promotions and discounts.  You could also start an email newsletter to automatically update customers of new specials.

The possibilities for your new website are only limited by your imagination.  The most important thing is to establish an online web presence and start taking advantage of this 24/7 medium!

This guest post was written by Amber Riviere, a web designer with  You can follow her work through her blog and through her newsletter, Inside Brown’s Brain.

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