Interview With Jessica Fediw of Happy Together

| July 31, 2009

Jessica Fediw learned a little bit about sewing from her mom and grandmother when she was little, but didn’t really take to it until she was about to finish college.  Then she filled in the gaps in her sewing skills by teaching herself from books and information on the Internet.The stay-at-home mom of a two […]

4 Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

| July 30, 2009

In the current economy everyone is looking to save some money, but the marketing budget is one of the worst things a business can cut in a downturn.  It’s tough to spend on advertising though when other bills are getting harder to pay.  Well here are four ways you can market your business for cheap […]

Repurposing Garments To Sell

| July 29, 2009

For those of us in the sewing and crafting business, anytime we can come up with new and different ideas for things to make and sell is always a bonus.  You never know what you might have hanging in your customer waiting area will be the next big “hit” for your customers.Sometimes finding deals at […]

Check Out This Month’s Viva La Moda Magazine

| July 28, 2009

The bi-monthly online magazine, Viva La Moda, showcases innovative fashion and handmade items from around the web and beyond.  The magazine features articles about “green” products, home decor, and toys in addition to product and fashion reviews. This month’s edition includes pin up inspired hair accessories, kids trends, summer beachcombing seaglass designs, birthstone finds for […]

How Important Is Your Headline?

| July 27, 2009

Just how important is the headling of your sales material, your blog post, your website?  Considering how much stuff you’ll be covering within the body of the sales flyer or the website page, and the fact that you have to consider key words as part of your sales literature and reading material for the customers, […]

Cut The Cost By Making Your Own “Frills”

| July 26, 2009

I LOVE to run across ways to do fancy trims and decorations on garments — especially where the “purchased” ones of similar type cost a bundle of money.At the Enchantresses3 blogspot, there is a super tutorial on how to make a corsage decoration on a regular tee.  They say the “real deal” costs $29.95 from J. Crew […]

Simple Skirts To Make

| July 25, 2009

Skirts can be a quick and easy project, and get you in the mood for sewing other items as well.Emily, at Ashby Family Blog, has a super easy “towel into a skirt” tutorial that is a perfect wrap for the pool or beach.  Check it out and make a few for yourself and friends — […]

Interview With Jordynn Lucier of

| July 24, 2009

Jordynn Lucier, or Jordy as she’s known to her many fans, taught herself how to sew about 7 years ago when she took over her mom’s sewing machine.  She’s still using that same Kenmore Ultrastitch12 today to make all the wonderful limited edition handbags and fashion accessories that she sells in her online boutique called […]

Our Shape-A-Dart Fitting Tool is Featured in Sew News

| July 23, 2009

We’re very excited to announce that our exclusive Shape-A-Dart  fitting tool has been featured in the August/September 2009 issue of Sew News magazine! Several of our offerings have been written up in Sew News over the years, and we’re proud that Janet Klaer selected our Shape-A-Dart to answer a reader who wrote in to her […]

Sewing Multiple Items

| July 22, 2009

Those of us who do crafting for craft fairs, bazaars, etc are always on the lookout for “short cut” ways to get our products cut and assembled.  Even those doing sewing and alterations can take advantage of the hints and tips I want to offer for cutting down on the sewing time, and completing those […]