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June 2009
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Purses and Bags

We have talked many times about reuse, redo and recycle, and I’m beginning to believe an entire craft show product line can be made out of recycled items.  Our customer waiting area has more “recycle” items for sale than “new fabric” items, and our customers are loving it!

The purse from placemats, were originally intended to be made from Dollar Store placemats, which is a great idea for an inexpensive, fairly cheap purse; however I’m quite sure you can find dozens of placemats for next to nothing price at yard sales or at Good Will stores, which would give you a greater profit than buying the placemats.

A great tutorial on making the pleated purse from placemats comes from Dollar Store Crafts, and it looks so nice as well as easy to make.  Looks like I’m adding something else to my “to do” list!

Then we have the Sleep Over Sac that comes from The Home Ec Teachers Daughter, and it looks like it would be perfect for those summer camp outs and sleep overs that your kids may be doing thoughout the summer.  This is a great tutorial.

While you’re working on purses and bags, don’t forget our own tutorial on making purses out of old jeans!  This could be a summer project for the kids while they’re home from school!  One of my granddaughters and her friend decided to do just what I mentioned a few summers ago.  They made themselves decorative purses out of recycled items — carried them around everywhere, and before the summer ended they’d made over 50 similar purses for their friends, and their friends’ friends.  How about that!!  Way to go Lindsey!!

Whether you’re gearing up for the fall craft shows, adding new items to your customer waiting areas or just making bags and purses for yourself and your family, be sure to check out links we’ve given you.

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