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June 2009
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Make Your Own Grocery Tote Bag

A few days ago I read in our newspaper where there is a push to charge customers for bags at the grocery stores and regular shopping places like Wal Mart, etc.  Apparently the plastic bags are not only filling the landfills, but floating everywhere in the world, getting caught in the fences around the land fill areas, catching in the trees, along roadsides, and so on.  (Look around in your own area and see how many of those plastic bags you see lying around where they shouldn’t be).   Then the paper bags are reportedly using up our “tree” resources, and are not being recycled either.

Well, I’m here to tell you that groceries and anything else you buy costs more than what I usually have to spend, therefore I’m NOT about to shell out any more dollars, or even quarters, to BUY the plastic or paper bags to put my groceries in!

At we have a free tutorial on making a scrap tote bag.  This bag could be used to carry your groceries (make up several and use up some of your scrap stash at the same time) – and nobody will be charging you to use it!

You’ll probably have several of your friends and customers also asking you to make some for them.

At cyatutorials blogspot, I found another type of simple grocery tote bag and a great tutorial for how to make it.  This will give you a second style of tote bag – and it has directions for long handles for over the shoulder or short handles so you can just carry it like you do the regular plastic bags.


I see a lot of people using their own grocery tote bags now, and they haven’t even started charging for the plastic or paper bags.  You could get ahead of the game by offering your customers these handy grocery totes now.

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