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June 2009
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Free Embroidery Designs

It seems that every business, regardless of whether it’s alterations, sewing, embroidery, crafting, or similar types, can always use a little boost when it comes to ideas for new ways of doing things, new ideas for products, new ideas for creating designs, etc.

We’ve mentioned adding embroidery and monogramming to your business as a way of generating more business.  You can do the embroidery and monogramming on your own regular sewing machine (as long as it does zig zag), so it isn’t even necessary to buy a new embroidery machine.

Once you’ve gotten some experience in doing the embroidery and monogramming — let the word out that you can do this type of sewing – there is really no end to the business you can bring in.

There are even sites that give out free embroidery designs – such as Loralie Designs – where you can get even more ideas and designs that you can use.

Being a sewer and crafter I personally like the little spools of thread design.  However, there are dozens of designs available and many of them are free.

I have a friend who started doing embroidery on caps, initials on purses, small hanging pictures, and that sort of thing, when all of a sudden it  seemed like everybody and their brother was wanting embroidery designs on this and on that.  She ended up purchasing one of those embroidery machines and has a wonderful embroidery and monogramming business going.  Over the years she’s thanked me probably a dozen times for giving her a copy of our Embroidery & Monogramming as a Home Business book — she says she had never given a thought to doing the embroidery until she was reading the book and “the lightbulb turned on”.  Isn’t that just the way it goes sometimes — just a gentle nudge gets the brain working!

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