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June 2009
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Teaching Kids To Sew

If you’re a mother or grandmother who is trying to do a sewing, alteration or craft business at home and still attempt to take care of small children, you know your nerves can get a little frayed sometimes — especially on those rainy days when there is just nothing for the kids to do.

As you know, the kids just LOVE to do what you are doing — trying to get some sewing or crafting done while they’re underfoot, just wanting to “help”.

I’ve found a couple of things that do occupy their time for a little while.  First, on the last rainy day and we couldn’t go outside, I decided to let the little ones (quadruplets age 3 1/2 and big brother who will be 5 the end of July) do some drawing on fabric squares with fabric colors.  They loved doing this project, so we may do something similar some other time.  Check out the pictures of the little ones “working” with fabric and fabric crayons:


Well, maybe they’re “working”!  The front little boys are identicals of the quads and the back little girls are fraternal, and big brothr has the yellow shirt on.   Here’s the final project when the coloring was completed:

We ironed in the color on the squares, then folded them in half, right sides together and sewed the sides, making little “bags”.  After adding some handles, they had a great time collecting toy cars, small pieces of paper, etc to fill them.

Another idea for beginnings of teaching small children to sew are sewing cards.  The sewing cards are great for hand/eye coordination and teaching them the basics of hand sewing.

A complete selection of our sewing cards can be seen at the Plus Size Children website.  Your children will love them and you will be able to sneak in a little extra work while they are “sewing” in the same room that you are working in.

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