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June 2009
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Time Management… Is It “Activity” or “Accomplishment”?

We that have businesses to run could probably say on any given day – “if there were 48 hours in a day I could probably get caught up”! Or at least, “there are never enough hours in a day”.

The question is — what do we do with the hours that we have?

How DO you spend your day?  Are you busy as a bee, flitting here and there, but not really getting any projects completed?

I used to be the queen of “activity”.  I was soooooo busy all day – lining up work that needed to be done, do a little bit on this project or that, then jump over to work a little on an article that I needed to get online the next few days, then remember that I hadn’t worked on a project that I was supposed to be designing for a magazine — by the end of the day I was nearly exhausted, and had completed nothing and had accomplished nothing!

I realized that if I was going to see any “accomplishment” I had to be laser-focused on one project at a time – either to get it finished, or as with the project designing, to use all the time I’d allocated for that day just on that project.

When I quit trying to tackle every job and project in the house, little bite by little bite, I started making great headway in getting projects finished, completed, off the table and could proudly see some accomplishment!

I believe nearly every business that is extremely busy with “activity” –   never get the business off the ground, or are just doing enough actual work to get by are destined for failure.

However, those who set business goals, then direct their vision and their management of time to ensure they “accomplish” certain things every day are the ones who will succeed.

How are you doing in the “activity” and “accomplishment” departments?  We’d like to hear how you get yourself motivated to complete the tasks at hand, and not just flitter around like the bees and butterflies – looking like you’re busy.

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