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June 2009
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How to Make Every Blouse Pattern Fit Perfectly

At we’ve had an outpouring of comments from our visitors and they’ve made it abundantly clear – there are a lot of people out there that are awfully unhappy about how store bought clothes fit, or who are incredibly frustrated with making clothes that fit from conventional “off the shelf” patterns.

You would think with all the differently shaped people of the world that this would be an easier problem to solve. Life would be so much easier if clothing designers and manufacturers would consider more than just the “average” size or shape.

Well we’ve heard you loud and clear and we’re ready to provide some solutions! The bust area seems to be the biggest problem fitting area for most of us, with hips a close second and waist being the third biggest problem according to our survey.

Some of the most common issues can be found in these responses: 

    “it’s so hard to find petite plus sizes”

    “my shape has changed so much since having children”

    “I just don’t know how to adjust patterns to fit different body types”

    “I gave up making my own clothes since standard patterns never fit correctly”

    “shirts that fit my large bust are way too big in the collar”

    “if the bust fits, the shoulders are usually way too wide”

    “I’m an A cup and I have a sway back, how do I make a small bust adjustment”

So, in response to your comments about your fitting problems, we’re providing this new FREE class that gives you the instructions you need to alter the dart on any commercial or store bought blouse or top pattern, so that it will fit you perfectly! Every time!

Imagine being able to confidently wear properly fitting clothes from patterns you’ve transformed in a few easy steps! Now you can, so click here to download the free class, and keep an eye out for the video that will be coming soon.

Just type in your email address on this page to get your free “Altering Darts on Commercial Patterns” class!  We’re working on the video class as well and plan to give that to our readers for free also, so by signing up for the free “Altering Darts on Commercial Patterns” class you’ll be sure to get notified when that becomes available!

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  1. ilia says:

    Please send me the tutorial on making blouses fit perfectly

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