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June 2009
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Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

As everyone knows, it makes no difference whether you have a website, a blog or a brick and mortar store, you will NOT make any sales if nobody knows where you are.

A brick and mortar store hidden away down the street and around the corner behind other large buildings, no matter how cheap the rent, you’ll get no traffic if people can’t find you.  No traffic means no sales – and no sales in the end means shutting down the business.

The same is true for websites and blogs.  People need to be able to find your website and/or your blog in order to become familiar with what you have available for them.

A few months ago, we had a post entitled “Blogging To Build Your Business”, which told about the importance of doing a blog and about how it is a cost effective way to market your business even if you have a tight budget (and isn’t that true for nearly every one of us nowdays!).

Today I’d like to go a step further and give a few pointers about how you can HELP direct traffic to your blog, and your website.

First and foremost, you really must have a “signature” on every outgoing email that you send – a signature that lists your blog and website, such as the following:

Sarah J. Doyle
e-mail – Visit my blog


Sewing/craft/pattern making classes held in your home at your convenience.  For information – projects, information, product reviews, business spotlights for small to medium size sewing businesses.

The “signature” will keep your name and blog/website in front of every person that gets an email from you.  Somebody may write in with a question, or perhaps a representative from a school might write to you asking about making cheerleader uniforms, then your response back to them could possibly be forwarded to each of the mothers.  Think about how many “new” people would be finding out about your blog / your website / your etsy store / your ebay store or whatever you have listed in your email signature.

Secondly, find some forums in your niche and make appropriate comments, or submit informative information to the forum members.  Keep track of the forums that you’ve found, and perhaps even a little notebook of dates when you’ve made comments or submitted information to each forum.

Thirdly,  find several (or a bunch) of blogs that are in your niche.  Once again, you can make comments or perhaps use (with permission) a tutorial or information from one of the blogs as a post in your blog.  You’ll see that we very frequently use tutorials from other blogs, and ALWAYS give links back to the blog that the tutorial came from.   By visiting and making more than one comment on a blog you are establishing a relationship with that blog owner.

The fourth item, and one I believe is very important is when you visit and comment at forums and/or blogs, always use your REAL name, as opposed to something “cute” like “chickpea” or “LoveToSew”, etc.  By using your REAL name you are beginning to brand yourself – getting people to know the real you.  Nick names have nothing to do with the business you are trying to promote, while your real name and website will become familiar to people and you’ll help to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

We’re very happy to have you visit us, and if you’d like to post a comment, or pass along a tutorial or information from your blog or site, we’ll be very pleased to pass it along.

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