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May 2009
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Dirty Clothes Containers For Tweens And Teens

Sometimes it seems like the tweens and teens have forgotten how to put dirty clothes into a dirty clothes basket and put away all the ones they’ve “tried on” and decided not to wear that day.   YIKES!  I remember when our six kids were in that age range — go in the rooms and there would be clothes everywhere, and you couldn’t tell what was dirty and what was simply tossed aside because they didn’t want to wear it that day.

Well, perhaps with a new laundry “hangable”, maybe these kids will remember to at least put the dirty ones in the hanging laundry container, which would leave the “clean” ones left on the bed and dresser.

For the girls I found a “purse” hangable laundry container at Curbly website — the tutorial is great and I believe this would be a big hit with the girls in your family.

created on: 04/15/08

For the boys we have a jeans looking laundry bag pocket.  The laundry bag laundry bag is at Patterns2Go, and might even entice boys of all ages to fill it up with their dirty clothes.

Laundry Bag Pocket Pattern

Do you have any other ideas for creative laundry hampers?  We’d love to share them with our readers — and maybe help keep some of those bedrooms cleaner!

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