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How Many Sleeve Styles Can You Make From One Basic Sleeve?

OR, can you add a  girly “wing” sleeve to a tank top????  Well, the girly wing sleeve tutorial was just so cute, I had to add it to this post.  Jona at Fabritopia  has written the neatest tutorial about adding a little cap type sleeve (she calls them wings) to a basic tank top “to make it more girly”.  Thanks Jona for the tut.


If you’d really like to try your hand at making TEN different sleeve styles from the one basic sleeve that came with your pattern, head on over to and check out the pattern “makeover” class.  Here’s what you’ll be getting……..

Each one comes with step by step instructions on how to change that “basic” pattern into the new style.  Bet if you were to hang this type of poster in your customer waiting area, you’d have all kinds of customers wanting to “change up” that basic blouse or dress pattern that they keep using over and over.  And you’ll have all the information on how to do each and every one of them!

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