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Applique and Monogramming

If you’re like me and don’t own one of the fancy embroidery machines, you can still do sewing machine embroidery, appliques and monogramming using your regular sewing machine.

Appliques are so super easy to make and can be used to decorate everything from purses to skirts to wall hangings to towels and children’s clothing.  I like to cut out small appliques from left over fabric and keep them on hand for future projects.  For example, if I’ve made something that has kittens in the fabric, I’ll save the pieces that have various size kittens, then cut out the kittens to make appliques for a child’s dress or play suit.

Fabric with flowers or palm trees make great appliques to include in wall hangings or on purses.

I love to shop the “remnant” bins at fabric stores just to see what short pieces of fabrics I can get that have good  applique possibilities.  I then incorporate the appliques from the remnants onto children’s clothing garments and sample items that I make for my customer area.  Many times my customers stop by just to see what I have because they know they’ll be getting “one of a kind” play sets or skirts / pants for their children or for gifts.

By using the scrap fabrics to incorporate into clothing garments and craft projects, I’ve probably increased  my total sales by 10% or more by customers buying the items that I have in my customer waiting area.  I have no problem with people buying my “samples”, because I can whip up something similar to replace the one that sold — and the new one will be a garment or craft item using a different applique and perhaps a little bit different item altogether.

Think about it — by doing the appliques on craft items and toddler sets, etc, you are not spending more money on the completed project — you’re actually using up some of your scraps and increasing your profits at the same time.

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  1. What a great idea. I like to pick up scrap fabrics from local jumble sales, there is always a huge selection and all for sale for a few pennies.

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