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Website Review of is a beautifully designed website full of bright, kid-friendly colors and designs, that was created to allow kids to express themselves through fashion.  The site encourages kids to design their own fashions and upload them to the site for others to vote on their favorite designs, like the one pictured here by Shira, age 12.

This is how it works – your child draws a picture of his or her ideal clothing, then posts the images on the website (with parental supervision of course) along with a name for the design and a brief description.  Your child can vote on the competing designs, and even invite their friends to vote also.  Designs are reviewed by a panel of fashion designers and pediatric therapists who are interested in things like how comfortable the clothes are and how easy they are to put on for children that may be sensitive to certain fabrics and styling. 

The process not only helps children to express their ideas and feel good about themselves, it also helps to identify emerging needs and trends in the children’s fashion market.

Voting is currently going on for finalists in the shirt category, with the winning designs to be announced on May 23rd.  Then May 24th will begin the first round in the pants and skirts design category.  If you know a kid that’s interested in fashion design, then have them check out the competition calendar to get their creative juices flowing!

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