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May 2009
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Are You Watching Fashion Trends?

Those of us who are in the sewing and/or craft businesses, need to keep an eye on the fashion forecasts just to have a “heads up” on what our customers may be asking for.

It appears that a current fashion trend is for oversized button-down dresses and shirts.  The fashionable way to wear the oversized dresses is to have the length about what a mini-skirt would be, and then wear skinny pants or jeans or leggings with the dress.  Large billowy pants and oversized blouse / dress would be an overkill for sure.

The pictures that I’ve seen show the oversized blouse or dress  either cinched in at the waist with a thin belt of some sort — not a large thick belt, or worn over a tank top and skinny pants, and just let the blouse / dress open.

The point is this — be aware of coming fashion trends.  Subscribe to a magazine or two that details the fashions for the new season.  By being “in the know” of upcoming fashion trends, you can easily make a similar garment (or new craft item, if that’s the case), and put it in your customer waiting area.  You will be way ahead of the competition simply because your customers will know and trust your “fashion” expertise — and they’ll also pass that great information along to their friends.

Do you have a favorite magazine or website that details the new fashion forecasts? Pass it along to us so we can let others know about it as well.

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