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Watch Pin Cushion

Amy Adams at LucyKate Crafts blog always has some of the cutest handmade goodies, and sometimes I wonder how she comes up with so many neat ideas!

Her current tutorial, posted on May 9 is a watch pincushion.  As I was looking at the pin cushion and the tutorial, my own “Ah ha” moment happened — the lightbulb lit up in my head!   Check out the pincushion, and what else do you see in it????

I see a child’s wrist watch —- PERFECT for my 3 1/2 year old quadruplet grandbabies and their 4 1/2 year old big brother!!  And even better, the background (brown shown here) can be made with their favorite colors — purple for Sienna, orange for Sarah, Blue for Brandon, red for Zachary and big brother Jacob loves green!!!

Amy, you have just hit a jackpot here!!!  And all other little children who love watches will be thanking you too!

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