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Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Supports More Than 400 Work At Home Moms

The 9th Semi-Annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt has begun, and the popular event promotes over 400 cloth diaper business that are run by  work at home moms.  Diaper Decisions organizes the event twice a year which allows businesses to pay to sponsor the hunt by “hiding” a badge of a cloth diaper like the one pictured here on their site.  Shoppers flock to these websites on a daily basis for a chance to win prizes worth up to $600.  Diaper companies that sponsor the event say they’ve seen a 25% increase in site traffic.

Cloth diapering has become even more popular as green lifestyles are more prevalent, and the prices of cloth diapers these days vary dramatically from a low end of under $20 to upwards of $200 each for luxury brands.  While some parents can spend outrageous amounts, most are looking to save money over disposable diapers that cost an estimated $15 per week, or an average of $1,500 before a baby is potty trained.  Compare this to an inexpensive cloth diaper setup for your baby of around $80 to $150 if you don’t mind doing laundry every other day or so.

Not to mention that cloth diapers actually have a resale value when you’re done with them.  Since eBay decided to ban sales of used cloth diapers, services like Diaper Swappers have exploded.  As the mother of three year old quadruplets and a son just a year older, I can tell you that buying used diapers isn’t any yuckier than buying used baby clothes – I don’t think we owned a piece a clothing without some type of bodily fluid on it

If you’ve got a cloth diaper business, check out the promotional opportunities at Diaper Decisions.  If you’ve been thinking about starting a cloth diaper business then there is no better time than right now!  The current recession, combined with the eco status of the cloth dipaer, have caused the cloth diaper market to double over the past year.  Read more about the trend at, or go to for your own cloth diaper pattern.

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