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May 2009
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Add Plus Size Jogging Suits to Your Sewing Business

From time to time we find new or unusual avenues to extend our sewing business, and we feel like the addition of such items increases the number of possible customers for us or increases the variety of work we can do for our current customers.

The “unusual” happened over the last several months.  We announced our Sewing For Plus Size Men pattern making class and included the ready made uni-sex pajamas and night shirts patterns that were available.

We were not surprised at all to be flooded with requests for the plus size men’s pattern making class, as we are fully aware of the limited clothing patterns and clothing garments for the 1x-6x size range.  (My brother is one who says he has “dunlop” disease — his chest has “dunlopped over his belt” — hmmmmm would that mean big belly where the belt must go UNDER the belly rather than around the middle????)

At any rate, the surprise came when we got repeated orders for the plus size nightshirt / pajama patterns.  Look at the pattern and tell me what you see………

I see pajamas and nightshirts!

WRONG ANSWER!  Sewing professionals from all over the country “saw” jogging suits and sweats for the extra big and large plus sizes (women as well as men, I might add).

When we started getting orders for this pattern and re-orders for the other “shirt style” pajama pattern, we started asking some questions.  “Have you gotten into a ‘pajama’ market in your area” we’d ask the customer.   EVERY seamstress we talked to / emailed said the same thing —- we’re using the patterns and making jogging suits and sweats for our big, tall and plus size customers!  They’re saying that these patterns are easy to make, look great and have given them a whole new market for customers.

So, now, visualize the pattern using fleece and sweat suit type materials, and it becomes a whole new pattern!

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