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May 2009
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Are Your Sales Reaching The Goals You’ve Set?

We’re in the second quarter of the year, and the question is — how is your business doing?  Are your sales reaching the goals that you’d set for the year?  How were the sales for the first quarter?

If any of the answers are “not doing as well as I was hoping”, or “sales were down from last year at this time”, then it is time to come up with some new ideas, and perhaps some new revenue streams for your business.

We would never tell anybody to “give up and try something else” — after all, if you’re like us, we’ve spent years working at this business, so wouldn’t consider quitting and starting up a housecleaning service, or daycare center or a completely new venture. 

Look carefully at your business and see if there are service or product areas that you could fill without spending very much money.  By doing this you could extend yourself into new areas, make a few changes and be able to add extra income to the business.  If you’re making quilts, perhaps you could also add doll quilts or lap pads or quilted pictures or even begin experimenting with quilted purses and bags.

By trying a few different opportunities within your field, you have the possibility of a jump start for your business and the extra income to reach your goals.

And, if you haven’t already done so, check into — the place where handmade items are welcomed and BOUGHT!  That’s the keyword there – people BUY the handmade items, and millions of people search the etsy stores daily probably for items you might have.

Try starting a blog for your business — tell your story and let people know what you have to offer, as well as give them links to your etsy store and products that you have available. 

You can find new business opportunities by looking at your business in a new way; looking for new products or services you can offer, or a variety of new places where you can get the word out about your product.

This CAN be a great year for you, financially.  Just stick with your plan and goals!

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