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April 2009
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Have You Considered Teaching Adults To Sew?

We hear so much about teaching children how to sew; bringing back the sewing hobby by teaching the youngsters, but have you considered doing adult sewing classes?

Previous posts to this blog in the “Industry News” section tells about how the sewing hobby is becoming more popular during the recession, and how fabric stores and individuals are teaching sewing to students at a rate of $10 per hour — get 5-10 students in a class and you’d be making some super extra income.

Or how about the post about the predicted trends for 2009 include sewing businesses?  There is a growing number of people who either want to learn how to sew, or those who already are in a sewing / alteration business that are seeing great increases in their businesses.

On our end we can also tell that there is a growing number of people who are wanting to sew by the marked increase in the requests for our Learn How To Sew and Basic Clothing Construction books

If you have room in your garage to set up several used sewing machines (you can get them at flea markets or yard sales), you could easily start a small sewing class.  You could divide up your time and have one or two separate adult classes on week days (or evenings) and perhaps a teenagers class on Saturday.  There are all kinds of options for this type of class.  Think about it and see if you could arrange to teach a few of those adults / teenagers that are desperately looking for someone to help them learn to sew.

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