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April 2009
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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Today is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate than to figure out ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle — not just in our businesses, but in our homes as well.

If we all determined to do a little more recycling of things we’d normally toss into the trash can, we could literally “save the earth”!  Recycle those plastic drink bottles — or even better, refill (reuse) them by using your own water, especially if you have some sort of water purification system.  Ask for paper bags at the grocery store instead of plastic.  However if you don’t have the choice, make up your mind to keep a “bag of bags” and either take the bag of plastic bags to a recycle location or to a grocery store that has a place for you to dispose of the used plastic bags.

For those of us in the sewing / crafting / alteration businesses, there are so many ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle that it would make your head spin!!!

For starters, keep every button and zipper you take off worn out clothing garments.  Sort them and put all like buttons together with a strand of thread so you can find them later.

Keep every  scrap of fabric from your alterations or sewing / craft projects.  These scraps can be used for additional craft items or for making small children’s clothing items.

In the past we’ve given specific things you can do with your scraps and worn out clothing items, such as making fabric flowers, making jeans purses and making a clown bean bag, among other things.  There are so many things to do with scraps, the list would be endless.

Look back at our post about organizing your fabric stash and see what you can do to add to the list of things to keep your fabric and notions stash in order so everything you have can be used.

Give us your thoughts about reusing and recycling in your business.  Are there ways you’ve been able to extend the life of your sewing equipment, or new ideas for crafts from leftover items lying around in your sewing room?  We’d love to hear from you.

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