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April 2009
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How To Make 3-D Pompom Poodle Pictures

Fido and Fifi are two of the most engaging personalities you will hope to meet as they smirk at you from their frames.  These poodle pictures are especially nice for childrens’ or teen rooms.  Each poodle is made using six yarn pompoms.

To make Fido, cut a piece of cardboard 2″ x 6 1/2″; wind with 2-ply yarn.  If heavier yarn is used, fewer turns around the card will be needed for each pompom.  Wrap the yarn lengthwise around the card.

Wind the yarn around the card 12 times and cut.  Slip the yarn off the card and tie tightly in the center with a short length of yarn.  Clip the loops at both ends.  Comb out the strands until the ends fuzz.  Hold the pompom tightly at the center so whole strands will not be pulled out during combing.  Make 3 more pompoms.  Two should be of a light color yarn for the top whiskers – we used tan; the other two a contrasting color such as black or dark brown for the ears.  Tie the two dark ones together at the center and the two light ones together at the center. 

Make two more pompoms, winding the yarn around the card 20 times.  These pompoms are for the topknot and chin whiskers.

Choose a picture frame to suit your fancy.  We prefer a narrow frame about 9 x 12 inch size, but this is optional.  Remove the glass and cover the cardboard with burlap or other desired cloth in a color you prefer.

Cut the face pieces from felt.   Cut eyes from white felt, pupils and nose black, and tongue red.

Now you are ready to begin assembling the pompom picture.

Glue the face in place and glue on the eyes.  Arrange the ear pompoms and lay on the topknot.  Fasten by tacking with thread or glueing to the background.  Next arrange the chin and top whiskers.  Fasten in place.  Glue the tongue in place spreading the glue only along the top edge and tucking the tongue under the upper whiskers.  The top of the tongue should be free.  Glue the nose in place.

Fifi is assembled in the same manner.  The arrangement of her topknot and ears is a bit different.  Her bangs are trimmed straight across so they are about on the same level as her ears.  She was made entirely of white yarn and wears a bright ribbon bow in her hair.

The pups can be made in other sizes by varying the length of the card around which the yarn is wound.  They are cute, too, if they are both placed in the same frame and the pupils of the eyes are arranged so they seem to be “making eyes” at each other.

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