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April 2009
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Button Buddies

Several months ago we wrote a post entitled “button, button, who has the prettiest button?” and gave a lot of information on the various types of buttons, what they’re made out of and what all you can use those buttons for.

Today’s post is going a little bit further in how to “re-design” those buttons, especially the plain jane type of buttons you may already have, or find in Good Will stores.

Diane Gilleland, a writer for Craft Stylish blog has put together a great little tutorial on “re-designing” buttons, giving information on how to change drab buttons into “bodacious” buttons.  Check out these samples:

These buttons were customized with Sharpie paint markers—one of four methods for painting buttons well explore in this post.     Heres a set embellished with ordinary hobby-store model paints.    This group of buttons gets luminous color from nail polish.

She uses sharpie pens and fingernail polish to change the appearance.  She also gives instructions on HOW to do the changes and how it affects the buttons.  This is a must see tutorial.

Another writer, Susan Beal, has a tutorial on how to make your own shrink art buttons.  This is very interesting and a great project that the kids could help with as well.

These buttons are simple traced circles, colored and edged with plain or decorative scissors in two sizes.

As usual, we want to thank all those out in cyber space who come up with all the super tutorials that we  love to pass along.

At we also have a book, 500 Kwik And Easy Sewing Tips that gives a variety of tips about buttons and buttonholes. 

The more you work with buttons on your sewing and craft projects the more you’ll find yourself wanting to do. The ideas will be popping into your head, and perhaps you can also submit YOUR button tutorial to us for passing along.

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