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April 2009
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Fashion Color Forecast for 2010

It feels like we’ve only just begun 2009, but this post is about the colors that experts say we’ll all be wearing and buying next year.  The Color Forward Global Color Forecast and Trend Inspiration report for 2010 is a crucial tool that helps brand managers and designers make color choices for next year’s products.  Each year an international team of color experts, designers, and brand managers analyze cultural and lifestyle trends from around the globe, along with mass market influences, in an effort to predict “the color directions for future consumer products.”

ColorForward 2010 predicts four major societal trends, which they have dubbed Reinventing Happiness, Tech It Easy, Embracing Gaia, and Age Shock. 

The Reinventing Happiness theme refers to the importance of personal satisfaction in an unstable world and the feeling that time is a precious commodity.   Tech It Easy reflects our current reliance on technology in our daily lives.  The Embracing Gaia theme is based on the green concepts that are prevalent in today’s world.  Age Shock refers to today’s grownups as GRUPS, people who defy the process of aging and have a youthful outlook on life.

The twenty color influences predicted for 2010 include several shades of warm brown, turquoise, shades of raspberry and ruby red, and other warm, earthy tones.  Be sure to check out the colors in the 2010 report before making your fabric color choices for next year.


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