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April 2009
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Spring Sewing Is In Full Swing!

Spring sewing is in full swing here, as well as what we’ve heard from others around the country!  With weather so nice, it’s difficult to stay indoors, but those spring / summer clothes do need to be sewn!

We’ve had a rush on our plus size childrens patterns — and understandably so, since all the patterns have been made according to actual plus size childrens’ measurements.  We spent over a year collecting the measurements of plus size children from mothers, grandmothers, aunts and others who were attempting to sew for the overweight and obese girls and boys.  After getting all the measurements into a data base, we started designing the patterns according to those measurements.  We now have patterns that will fit those husky and overweight children with almost no pattern adjustments necessary.

Among the patterns, here are a few of the favorite ones:

Tank Tops & Crop Tops  Elastic Waist Shorts  Gore Skirts

The patterns come in a range of sizes — 2/4/6 or 8/10/12 or 14/16 — with the measurements online for each of the patterns.  In addition the patterns come with a variety of styles, such as the summer tops that have five different necklines and the shorts and skirts that have several different lengths.

D Bloss from Philadelphia has purchased nearly every pattern we have available and says she “wouldn’t be without them” as she sews for a number of plus size children, and now her fitting problems are so minimal that she normally just goes by the pattern for the children with no extra adjustments necessary.

We talked about “expanding your sewing business by sewing for plus sizes” in an earlier post and it appears that a number of you have heeded that suggestion and are now doing most of their sewing for that ever increasing niche.

Whether you want to learn to make sewing patterns by using individual measurements or use the ready made plus size children’s clothing patterns, you will be able to position your business into filling a niche that has been much needed.

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