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March 2009
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How To Make A Clown Bean Bag

Here’s a project that every child would love to have. Make the clown bean bag from scraps that you have in your sewing room, using a combination of stripes, prints or solids.  The collar can be made out of dotted swiss or organdy fabric, with yarn pompoms added for feet hands and one tied around the neck.

Enlarge the cap/head piece so the length of the cap is 5 1/2″ and width at the bottom is 2 1/2″ — then the cap and head will be the correct proportion for the rest of the body following the instructions.

Cut out TWO of the clown heads, using the outline given from white or flesh colored material.   With right sides togther, sew around the head edges, leaving the neck edge open.  Turn right side out.  Run a gathering stitch around the lower edge.  Stuff firmly with polyester stuffing.  Embroider the features as desired.  Cut TWO cap pieces from striped material, each on the fold of the fabric.  With right sides together, sew the seam along the long curve to the point.  Turn right side out; turn under the lower edge and place it at an angle on the head and fasten it with invisible stitches.  Overcast the edge of the head below the cap for about 3/4″ for hair.

Cut two body pieces 5 1/4″ x 9″.  Fold and sew across the lower edge of each piece with long stitches.  Gather by drawing up the stitches.  Sew each body piece 3 inches from the bottom, then sew the two together at the top.  Fill with beans and gather around the neckline.  Place the lower edge of head in the opening at the top of the body; fasten it with invisible stitches.

Cut a collar 2 1/4″ x 16″.  Bind one edge with bias tape; turn the other edge under and gather.  Place around the neck and hand stitch in place.  Make 5 yarn pompoms – sew one to the lower edge of each body piece for feet and one on each side near the top for hands and one at the side of the neckline.

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