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March 2009
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Spring Into Festival Season

Just a week ago most of the United States did the annual “Spring Forward” with our clocks for daylight savings time, so the question of today is “are you ready to Spring Into The Festival Season?” 

There are thousands of folks who have been preparing for the festival season to start because they make the majority of their sewing and crafting money at these fairs.  Are YOU one of those folks?

We do some craft fairs, and I must admit the couple thousand dollars we make during a one day event, or two day affair is certainly a boost to our income!

If you have not tried setting up and selling your items at a craft show, arts and crafts bazaar or something similar, it is time for you to pick up a phone, read a daily paper or do a search in your area for such events.  The entry fees are quite affordable – ours usually range from about $30 to $100 depending on what it is and how many days it lasts.

Throughout the past years we’ve mentioned small craft items and gift items that you could make for your customer waiting area, such as the jeans purses, washcloth dolls, flowers and doll quilts from fabric remnants, and even how to take cheap sale items, such as men’s t-shirts and change the t-shirtsinto casual tops that could easily be sold at a craft festival. 

Look around your sewing room and customer area and I’m sure you still have samples of many of those gift items that could easily be set up at a small craft table for the next festival in your area.  You can quickly add to your items to sell by looking through some of the patterns at Patterns2Go, such as the Country Apron Twins that are made from old jeans and I can tell you without a doubt are fantastic sellers at the craft shows.  Simply wear one of them and have some hanging up near the front for people to see as they walk by (you will need to have a supply of them as we’ve seen them sell very quickly!).

Think “festivals and craft fairs” and equate that to extra income for your business.  In addition to selling items immediately to customers that attend the festivals, you should also be giving out business cards or flyers with your information — you could be attracting many new customers for your business that will add additional income for the rest of the year.

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