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January 2009
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Hearts Galore Pillow

This is a perfect pillow for Valentine’s day — however, since it might take a little time to make, we’re giving it to you early!

The pillow is made using a 17-inch square of ecru linen or sturdy cotton for background of the front and a medium blue felt for the back.  You will need a 15-inch square of medium blue felt for the outer flower; 7 1/2″ square royal blue felt for inner flower and circles; small pieces of orange and green felt; clear drying white glue; and a 16″ square pillow form.


Draw a grid of one-inch squares, then into each square draw the same portion of the design that appears in the corresponding square of the chart.  (Or, if you have a photocopy machine, you can simply enlarge the pattern until you have one-inch squares).  After enlarging the design, you will have 1/4 of the pattern.  Cut out all patterns, then cut the designs from felt, following the color scheme as listed on each of the pattern pieces.


Center the inner flower on the front piece and place hearts between the petals — glue and let dry.

Place and glue the outer flower pieces.

Position and glue the large circle and small circles on the inner flower and hearts and circles on the outer flower.  Let dry.

With right sides facing and allowing 1/2″ for seams, sew the front and back together on 3 sides.  Turn.  Insert the pillow form and handstitch the opening closed.

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