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January 2009
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Why Content Should Be A Priority For Your Website

No matter what you sell at your website, you should also be providing plenty of content to draw in the visitors and make them more likely to purchase from you.  We’ve all heard that “content is king”, well here’s why it should be such a priority for you and your website:

Good Content Invites Links

It’s simple really – if you provide good, quality content on your site, then other people will link to it.  This is actually the whole premise of the world wide web.  The more links that you can generate with your content, the greater visibility you will achieve for your website, which in turn will result in increased sales.

Trend Toward Sharing Links

Social networking sites are growing rapidly and people love to use these sites to share content.  Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share links with like minded individuals, while other sites like Digg and StumbleUpon were created specifically for sharing favorite links with other users.

This is essentially word-of-mouth advertising for Internet users and you just can’t buy the type of goodwill and reputation building that comes from outsiders recommending your pages to others.

Increased Credibility

Keep in mind that word of mouth can work both ways, and that bad news travels pretty fast, especially online.  Providing quality content on your website helps to establish your credibility.  If visitors view you as a credible source of information, they are much more likely to trust you or your brand.

Larger Audience

The more people share and link to your content, the faster your audience and your income will grow.  Although it takes time to build a positive online reputation, it will snowball with some effort on your part.  People will be more inclined to come back and to recommend you to others when they see that your site continues to provide useful information.

The road to online riches is paved with content, so let it be a priority for your site and success will follow.

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