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January 2009
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How To Promote Your FREE Giveaway

A couple days ago we talked about how the free giveaway’s can increase your business.  But now comes the big question — how do people KNOW that you’re giving away something of value to them?  Are people mind readers? 

After determining what you can rewrite or repackage to give out to new customers, or those who visit your website, you now need to start promoting those giveaways at places where people can see the informtion, read about it or in some way learn that you do have a free giveaway.

You can promote your free giveaway programs with very little expense, which will ultimately lead people to your store or site who usually will be ready to make a purchase.   Here are a few suggestions:

SQUIDOO:  Squidoo is a very large community of people eager to get all the latest tidbits, information and want to be in the know of what’s available to them.  You can do an entire “lens” (page) at Squidoo about your free giveaway.  This will give you tons of readers and potentially tons of traffic back to your site.  Look at a couple of samples that we have.  One is promoting our free giveaway information about changing store bought patterns into maternity styles, and another one gives our free introductory class on how to make a variety of new necklines from one store bought pattern.  Think about what you can write about to promote your giveaway.

BLOG:  If you have a blog, talk about your free giveaway in a blog post.

YAHOO or FACE BOOK groups:   If you belong to any of the “social” groups, be sure to mention that you have free giveaways at your store or website.

MESSAGE BOARDS:  If you are part of forums or email discussion lists, don’t forget to mention your giveaways.

ARTICLES:  If you write articles for article directories, you might want to mention the giveaways in your resource box at the end of the article.

EMAIL SIGNATURE:  Add the giveaway information to your email signature.

There are other ways to promote and pass along information about your free giveaways, and what we’ve listed for you are just a few for you to think about.

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