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January 2009
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Save Money – Utilize Free Online Classes

It is possible to SAVE hundreds of dollars each year by utilizing free online classes in order to learn and educate yourself in a variety of ways.

As an example, how many times do you take your machine(s) to the repair shop?  I know in the past when I was in such a hurry and things went wrong with my machine, the repairman would point out something minor that was the problem.  Usually the problem was something I SHOULD have been able to take care of myself!  To get you started in the right direction, check out a previous post on this blog explaining how to check for tension problems on your sewing machine.  Once you get into the habit of doing your own tension troubleshooting, you will be able to decrease the times you have to put the machine in the shop.  When you’re comfortable working on the tension problems, you’ll probably want to be able to repair other problem areas that come up.  Sewing Machine Repair For The Home Sewer book would likely save you not only many dollars, but also hours of downtime and frustration of having to leave a project to get the machine to a repair shop.

Other ways to save money by utilizing free online classes would be by learning the basics of pattern making and changing store bought patterns rather than buying patterns.  Try making a skirt for yourself or for a customer with the free skirt pattern making class.  If you have a regular customer that you do a lot of sewing for, and you already have a pattern that you’ve gotten to fit to a “T” for the customer (or a pattern for yourself), you might suggest that you could simply change up that basic pattern by changing the sleeve styles or perhaps make a new neckline or adding a collar to the pattern.  Any one, or a combination, of these free online classes could save several hundred dollars over a period of time by not having to buy a new pattern in order to get different neckline styles or sleeve styles, etc and in reality you could make a whole wardrobe of clothes from just that one basic pattern.

And, speaking of saving money – for those who need a new gym bag, don’t run out to buy one!  Make your own gym bag with the free tutorial that’s offered at  You’ll also find free instructions on how to change men’s t-shirts into casual tops for yourself.  Hey, men’s t-shirts are MUCH less expensive than any blouse or top for women, so the savings could add up pretty quickly when you utilize that free online tutorial.

When times are tough and the economy is in a crunch, if you’re like me, I’ll be using as many FREE tutorials, classes and instructions as possible to keep my money in my purse and still be able to expand my business and do more for my customers.

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