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January 2009
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Gypsy Gripper Sewing Tool

Many times it becomes a major challenge trying to hold plastic rulers in place while cutting fabric.  The fabric slips or the plastic ruler slips a little.  Even when sewing with our 12 in 1 Magic Ruler, it can become a little difficult to hold in place while cutting, either with scissors or on a cutting mat with a rotary cutter.

We’ve found the perfect sewing and quilting tool to help hold those plastic measuring devices in place – the Gypsy Gripper.
 The Original Gypsy Gripper ™

The larger size Gypsy Gripper, shown above, has a comfortable grip handle and two large suction cups that have lock and release levers.  You simply press the suction cups onto the plastic measuring tool, flip the levers to lock the gripper in place, and you’re ready to hold the measuring device in place while you cut.  You can also easily move the plastic measuring tool to different areas of the fabric if you’re cutting quilt blocks, press down to hold the  measuring tool in place and cut.   When finished with that particular measuring tool, you just flip the locking levers to release the Gypsy Gripper from the measuring tool.

There is also a smaller gripper, the “little gripper” that can be used on the smaller plastic templates and measuring devices.

  The Amazing Little Gripper ™

This tool is available from quilting and fabric shops or can be ordered directly from the GypsyQuilter website

With so many of the newer quilting and sewing tools being made of plastic, the Gypsy Gripper is a very handy tool to have.

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