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December 2008
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More Last Minute Gifts

For those of us who just seem to need “one more gift” for somebody, I have a couple last minute, super duper easy to make gifts that will thrill those you make them for!

The first easy last minute gift would be suitable for any teenager or middle school student.  All kids need their own noteboard to keep class assignments, pictures, telephone numbers and notes on.

Head down to your local fabric store and see how many empty fabric cardboard bolt “boards” you can get.  (I’m thinking this time of year they probably have quite a stash of them). 

Purchase enough burlap or tan cotton duck fabric to cover the board and glue to secure the fabric to the bolt board.  You can then either cut some little decorations from felt or purchase some appliques to glue onto the board.  If you have enough time, you might even get a square of felt and cut out the person’s name and glue it to the top of the board — “Nathan’s Notes” — or just the name to personalize it.  Sew a small drapery ring to the top center to hang the bulletin board.  If you’re a crafter and actually do crafts for craft shows, etc, you might be able to make some extra cash by making these to sell!

A portable thread hanger is sure to be a success for the sewer, quilter and crafter.  This thread hanger is so easy to make and you’ll be thought of all year long as the receipient uses your special gift.

For this project, begin with an ordinary wire coat hanger and loosen the top with pliers and straighten it out.    String spools of thread on the wire, using a variety of colors, and put it back in shape.  It is best to put standard colors that would most often be used, such as black, white, green, yellow, red, light or dark blue, etc.  Decorate the handle with ribbons or a big bow.  At the end of the ribbons tie small strawberry or heart shaped pin cushions.  When thread is needed it can be pulled from the spool easily without removing the spool from the thread hanger.  Each spool of thread has a “notch” at one end for attaching the thread after using so there won’t be a problem with all the threads getting knotted.  

This project comes from Patterns That Fit You, and more specifically from the “Crafts For All Seasons” class which contains a collection of thirteen craft items that are suitable to give for any occasion, or for your own personal use.  Complete instructions and full size patterns are included.

SEW204 – Crafts For All Seasons Class – $6.95


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