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December 2008
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Clothesline Hot Plate Mat Set

An attractive set of hot plate mats can be easily made with ordinary clothes line that is finished with a fringed edge.  Clothesline is treated heavily with sizing and is subject to much shrinkage.  Soak it well in hot water to relieve all foreign matter and to prevent any shrinkage after the mats are made.


Use a strong thread, such as buttonhole-twist to sew the clothes line together.  Keep all the stitches on the wrong side of the mat.  The clothes line is composed of several strands of fiber woven together.  The needle will easily pass from one strand through another, making an evenly beautiful finished work.

For the round mat, fray out about 3/4″ of the clothes line.  Begin to coil the rope tightly, holding the frayed end to the wrong side.  Sew each succeeding coil of rope firmly to the preceeding row.  When the mat is the desired size, cut the rope and fray out the end.  Fishish off like a jelly-roll, twisting the frayed end to the wrong side, and sewing it firmly in place.

For the oblong mat, follow the same method, but instead of starting with a coil of rope, start with a length of rope, and keep working around it, making the oval effect.

Fringe edge in crochet — crochet a chain the desired length.  It is good to leave a length of thread, in case you would need a little extra after sewing.  Fasten the thread in the first chain made. * Chain 40, slip stitch in each of 2 next chains, repeat from * to the end.

These look great as the instructions recommend; however I’m not a crochet person, so I simply made the round and oval mats without the edging, and they looked just fine.   I also made a set that I used purchased finge and attached it to the mats with the buttonhole twist thread and those looked very nice as well.   Give them a try – I think you’ll like them!

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