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December 2008
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Easy Elf Hat

We’re now headed toward Christmas with Christmas school plays, Christmas parties and the like getting scheduled.  Children just LOVE to have special little Christmas hats to show off and wear during this time.  Don’t wait until the last minute to make some of these cute little elf hats that we found at LucyKateCrafts blog.  She always has some of the cutest things to make!

Easy Elf Hat! 

In order to make  an elf hat last night,  only having a couple of days notice to come up with a costume, I had to think of something quick. So, after a bit of pondering, I went up in the loft, rummaged around in the bags of old clothes and found a pair of Lucy’s red cropped leggings from last summer. Here is what to do –

Materials needed:   an old pair of childs leggings, felt strip – about 8cm deep and enough to go all the way round the hat, scissors, a pom pom, needle & cotton.

1. Turn the leggings upside down and cut all the way round the inside seam
2. Open out the legs flat, sew a triangle shape and trim off the excess fabric
3. Then turn the whole thing right side round, trim off any clothing labels, cut the felt to give a decorative zig-zag edge and attach using running stitch in a contrasting colour, sew on the pom pom to the point of the hat

You could also add buttons for decoration and a bell instead of a pom pom and make the best little elf hat int he neighborhood.  You might even be asked to make some for your children’s friends so they could all be little elfs!

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