How To Make Pleats

| December 31, 2008

Pleats can be rather daunting at times, and if you’re not familiar with the terms knife pleat, box pleat or continuous pleats, it might be scary when you know you want pleats of some kind in a garment or in a craft item.Pleats are folds in the fabric that provide controlled fullness.  Pleating may be […]

US Shoemaker Stays in Step With Clients

| December 30, 2008

J&A Shoe Company of Gardena, California produces over 50,000 pairs of wedges, heels and other shoes every month.  While most Americans step out in foreign made shoes, this domestic shoemaker continues to battle the foreign competition who can make shoes for just pennies a pair.“Being a domestic manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges is competing […]

Out With The Old – In With The New!

| December 29, 2008

Have you been satisfied with the progress your business has made this past year?  Have you left too many things “undone”?    Are you constantly trying to put two days’ worth of work into one day and end up getting very little accomplished, and mostly being frustrated?Now is the time to sit down and think about what is […]

Have You Ever Made Shrinky Dinks???

| December 28, 2008

I have not seen shrinky dinks for years, and now I found out how to make them from scratch — from #6 recycleable plastic (the kind that restaurant take home food containers are), or sheets of purchased plastic.Materials needed:Clean Plastic, permanent markers, scissors, aluminum foil and oven mitts.  How easy can it get??Wouldn’t this be […]

More Private Label Clothing Lines Predicted For 2009

| December 26, 2008

Apparel retailers would seem to be taking a lesson from grocery stores.  The days of the black and white generic label on a can of vegetables is over and sales of private label goods are on their increase.  Retailers believe they know what their customers want and they are taking it upon themselves to give […]

Merry Christmas!

| December 25, 2008

The holiday season is a joyful time, and a wonderful opportunity for us to the remember our friends and customers who help make our jobs and business a pleasure all year long.  Our business would not be possible without your continued support, so we would like to take this moment to say a heartfelt thank you, and […]

Promote Your Wares On Shopping Search Engines

| December 23, 2008

Chances are, if you have an online presence for your business, you are already familiar with the main players in the pay-per-click search advertising arena – Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Although search engine advertising will bring visitors and buyers to your site (see our previous post on PPC advertising), you could be missing out on lots […]

How To Repair Burns In A Carpet

| December 22, 2008

This is the time of the year that those of us with woodburning fireplaces can have problems with flying sparks that burn small holes in the carpet near the fireplace.  OR, even those who smoke can drop hot ashes from the cigarette and again singe or burn a hole in the carpeting.  Actually these small […]

More Last Minute Gifts

| December 21, 2008

For those of us who just seem to need “one more gift” for somebody, I have a couple last minute, super duper easy to make gifts that will thrill those you make them for!The first easy last minute gift would be suitable for any teenager or middle school student.  All kids need their own noteboard […]

Clothesline Hot Plate Mat Set

| December 20, 2008

An attractive set of hot plate mats can be easily made with ordinary clothes line that is finished with a fringed edge.  Clothesline is treated heavily with sizing and is subject to much shrinkage.  Soak it well in hot water to relieve all foreign matter and to prevent any shrinkage after the mats are made. […]