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November 2008
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Holiday Marketing Materials

If your business is one that is out of your home or if it is a brick and mortar store you’ll need to be thinking about doing some Holiday advertising.

You could do some newspaper advertising, which will require that you investigate the prices on the various sizes of ads, or you could do some direct mail campaigns to your good customers.  Either way you go, there are a few main items to think about while doing the ads.

** Don’t use too many fonts within the advertising.  This is very distracting to the viewer and can even play “games” with their vision while trying to read your ad.

** Don’t make your logo the focal point of the advertising space or letter, and don’t place it in the center of the page.  Always keep your advertising pieces consistent — logo in the same place each time, same type style each time, etc so the viewers will recognize your advertisement and will be able to read it for content.

** Don’t try to cover the entire page or newspaper space with words.  Make sure there is enough “white space” within the ad – between paragraphs, along the sides, around the logo, etc so that the whole thing doesn’t become a blurr to the reader.  Check out some of the other ads in the paper – might be good to check some of your competitor’s ads and see what they’re up to.  I wouldn’t try to copy the competitor – you still want to be unique in your own advertising methods.

** If you’re going to try to do some Holiday specials — focus on what the benefits would be to your readers.  Details and information are fine, however people always want to know what the benefits are for them.

Keep in mind that just about every type of business does extra advertising of some sort to help pick up sales during the Holiday Season, so those of us in any type of sewing / alteration / craft busines certainly need to be thinking along those lines also.

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