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October 2008
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3-D Portrait Tutorial

I’ve found a very interesting “pretty portrait” tutorial done in 3-D that I just love.  It’s from LucyKate Crafts blog (we did an interview on her in a previous blog), and I want to share this project with you.  She has so many really neat things!

If you would like to have a go at a little 3D portrait, this is what you will need,

a 4″ flexi hoop, I used mine as an embroidery hoop and also as a mount

a circle of patterned background fabric

2 circles of plain coloured fabric, one 0.5cm smaller than the other

a circle of flesh coloured fabric, 7cm across

flesh coloured embroidery thread

pink embroidery threads, a light pink and a dark pink

selection of other embroidery thread for decoration, hair and lettering

2 grey beads

polyfil for stuffing

a circle of pink felt, 9cm across




and of course, a willing subject for your portrait!

Begin, by placing the background fabric, centrally, in the flexi hoop.  Place the other 2 circles of plain fabric in the centre, one on top of the other, pin, and then sew using random straight stitches around the edge in some embroidery thread.  I used a multicoloured thread to add an extra dimension to the embroidery.

Next, take the circle of flesh coloured fabric and sew a running stitch all the way around, 0.5cm in from the edge using the flesh coloured thread.  Gently pull on the loose end to gather the circle, placing some polyfil inside before anchoring it shut with a few stitches.  Turn this head shape, raw end side down, and place centrally on your base design.  Sew it on with a few random stitches around the edge, you may find at this stage you can do a bit of ‘sculpting’ of the head shape with how you place your stitches.

Now, begin to add the hair.  Chose a thread colour that matches your subject as best you can, and gradually build up the hair strand by strand, this can take a little while to get right, but keep going!.

To add the facial features, using the pink embroidery thread add some shading on the cheeks, I just added some crosses, but you could add some tiny french knots for freckles.  Also add the grey beads for eyes, and a mouth in the darker pink.  We’re not going for a 100% likeness here, it’s just a bit of fun!.

In the space, underneath the portrait head, you can add a name in backstitch, and I’ve also sewn on some french knots for decoration.

To tidy up the back, and hide all the loose ends, turn your embroidery over, and sew a running stitch round the edge of the background fabric, gather, and then secure with a few stitches.

Place the pink felt circle, over the top, and sew on with random straight stitches around the edge.

And there you go, all done!  Happy stitching!

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