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September 2008
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Add Additional Income To Your Sewing Business – Sell On eBay

From time to time those of us who are in the sewing, alteration, crafting, embroidery or other sewing related business like to check around to see what’s out there that we can make a little extra money from.  After all, who couldn’t use an extra couple hundred dollars a month or even a few hundred bucks this fall for Christmas spending, or in the spring for that vacation we’d like to take.

I would like to suggest another alternative to checking around to see what’s “out there” – instead look around your own sewing studio and see what’s “in there” that can be turned into cash.

Ebay selling can be turned into a “cash cow” as they say – you can either put a few items on an auction or do as many do – set up your own eBay store.  By having your own ebay store, you can put in clothing items such as t-shirts, children’s clothing or make up those jean purses and promote them in your store.  You can use up scraps and make things like baby bibs or scrap tote bags and add them to the store.

Awhile back I talked to Patti at Patti’s Originals about “yard sales” being held on eBay.  I’d never heard of that before, so questioned her a little, so I could pass along the information to you.  Here’s what she told me about the yard sales —- “I belong to several design groups on eBay and periodically they will host these “garage sales”, “sample sales”, “cleaning out our stash” sale, etc.  There is not one person to contact because each group does its own thing.  Summer is a very slow selling season on eBay so generally this is the time they will be hosted.  There are several groups that are for buyers and sellers and I would recommend highly that anyone who buys or sells handmade clothing on eBay join one of these groups.  Each group features a new design daily, there are usually links to auctions starting at 99 cents, designers talk about their newest creations, ask for ideas and you find out about all upcoming promotions. Here is a link to the home page of one of my groups.  Anyone wanting an invite just needs to ask. “

She also went on to say that she makes “samples” of items that she will be promoting, and then makes the “real deal” up in the sizes that the customer needs.  Later, after picture taking and logging in the sample, it then just takes up room in the sewing studio, so these are the types of things that will go on those eBay yard sales.

I’m sure you’ve heard eBay’s slogan: “Whatever it is, you can get it on eBay.”   The opposite is also true – “whatever you have to sell, you can sell it on eBay”.

Let us know if you already have an eBay store or are already selling on eBay, and I’m particularly interested in those eBay “garage” sales.  Pass along any tips you may have for any of these selling methods.

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