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August 2008
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Two Buttonhole Sewing Notions

Everyone who sews has a drawer or basket full of handy little sewing notions. tools and gadgets – most of them are necessary tools, and some are just there because they looked like they’d be nice to have, so we bought them.

Today I’ll talk about two handy little tools that I find very handy to have.  First is the Buttonhole Spacer and Sizer

This handy measuring tool can be used for many things, but it has been designed for spacing and sizing of buttonholes.  Since there is a horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler attached, forming an “L” shape, it enables the sewer to determine both the spacing between buttonholes and the size of the buttonhole.  The horizontal ruler slides easily up or down the vertical ruler to the point for the next buttonhole measurement.

Secondly we have a “Point Turner and Button Gauge”

The point turner is the part I use the most on this little tool because I either use the simflex gauge or buttonhole spacer and sizer for the buttonholes.  The point turner is a super valuable tool for anyone needing to “turn” collars or even square corners on garments or craft items.  With the point turner you can easily turn those corners for a professional look.

Both of these tools can probably be found at Joanns, or perhaps WalMart and can be purchased online as well – the cost of each of them is under $3.00 and are well worth the price!

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